Buck | 898 Impact Auto Damasteel Marbled Carbon Fiber Ironwood Limited Edition

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The Limited Edition Buck Impact is a tactical style automatic built in the USA, perfect for everyday carry and now in a Limited Legacy Collection offering. The same robust, tactical design as the original is built with premium Marbled Carbon Fiber with a handsome desert Ironwood inlay and a striking stainless Damasteel blade. Whether for carry or collection, the Legacy 898 Impact is a fantastic knife with a functional design and powerful aesthetics.

Brand new, direct from Buck Knives. Made in the USA. Numbered of 150 Pieces.

Blade: The blade on the Impact is premium, stainless Damasteel DS93X in a utilitarian drop point pattern. The blade sports a hollow grind and nearly full length swedge giving the Impact powerful slicing and piercing performance. The Paul Bos heat treat enhances performance on the Damasteel which already delivers modern performance with the beautiful style of a pattern welded blade. The button operated automatic action is fast and decisive.

Handle: The Legacy Impact comes with beautiful Marbled Carbon Fiber handle scales over black stainless steel liners and a handsome Desert Ironwood inlay for a perfection combination of performance and style. The button operation and hardware are black as well with the exception of the slide safety. Slide the safety switch to 'red' and you know the Impact is ready for action.

The Impact carries via a deep carry stainless steel pocket clip set up for right-hand, tip-up only carry.

Legacy Collection: This limited run series features a mix of rare and modern materials and is limited to only 150 Serialized Pieces for the 898 Impact . Pine Box and Certificate of Authenticity included.

Damasteel: A high hardness, high corrosion resistant steel that combines two martensitic stainless steels - RWL34 and PMC27 - in unique patterns that, when etched, create the designs seen in the blade. Damasteel delivers a blade that is very eye-catching and has performance in the realm of RWL34, similar to CPM154.